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Elon Musk may be ‘Chief Twit’ for himself, but to Jimmy Kimmel he is just a ‘piece of sh-t’

After all, this is what free speech is all about.

Elon Musk/Jimmy Kimmel
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Jimmy Kimmel is not here to deal with bigoted billionaire shenanigans. The late-night host took over Twitter, fully enforcing his right to free speech to call BS on Elon Musk‘s devil’s advocate façade.

On Oct.29, former first lady and diplomat Hillary Clinton took to Twitter to share an LATimes article depicting the tragic and violent attack on the U.S. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi. The article shared by Clinton expands on the far-right affiliation of the attacker, David DePape, his antisemitism, and far-right “bigoted conspiracies” defended by the violent persecutor. The former senator describes DePape’s violent actions as “shocking, but not surprising,” accusing the Republican Party of “regularly spreading hate and deranged conspiracy theories.”

As per his usual antics, the billionaire and recent acquirer of Twitter decided to play devil’s advocate once again. Musk replied to Clinton’s tweet, sharing an eerily bizarre theory that depicted DePape as a Castron Nudist — a group of radical gay male prostitutes — and Paul Pelosi as a closeted gay man who hired DePape as an escort. This ludicrous theory also defends that Pelosi was the one who had a hammer, and was struggling with DePape, who was in his underwear.

The tweet possibly accusing Pelosi of being responsible for his own assault did not sit well with the Jimmy Kimmel Live! host. The comedian and producer voiced his disappointment in the billionaire and criticized the “Chief Twit’s” far-fetched theory, saying it was interesting to watch Musk’s transformation “from the electric car guy into a fully-formed piece of sh-t.”

This is not the first time Musk has voiced his controversial opinions and far-right sympathies. Right after Musk’s purchase of the social media platform, users feared that the engineer would reinstate some of the far-right accounts, which have been previously banned on the basis of his defense of “free speech,” without repercussions to the inevitable hate speech impending. However, only time will tell if Musk’s reign will continue resulting in extremist opinions and violent threats on the social media platform.

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