Has ‘Minecraft’ YouTuber Dream ever revealed his face?

Screengrab via YouTube (AnthonyPadilla)

It should come as no surprise that Minecraft is the biggest game on YouTube. Having dominated the gaming space for the past decade with dozens of releases, Minecraft is here to stay and there’s one creator in the space that stands above all others: Dream.

Dream began creating YouTube videos in 2014 and goes by an avatar image that is simply a white figure with a smile. With this mystery, the allure of Dream has only gotten bigger and his fanbase has grown. Many have asked the question: what does Dream look like?

It’s very common for YouTubers to show their faces after rising to fame anonymously behind an avatar, but Dream would seem to be different.

Has ‘Minecraft’ YouTuber Dream ever revealed his face?

Image via Dream

As of the time of writing this, Dream has yet to officially reveal his face to fans.

Despite the fact that he is the biggest Minecraft creator on the internet and has been for many years now, the YouTuber has maintained his mystique, keeping his face hidden.

It isn’t clear if Dream will ever reveal his face to fans. Now a lot of his persona has been built around this mystery, so pulling back the curtain might not be the right play for his career. 

As you’d expect, there have been plenty of images claiming to be of the YouTuber circulating the internet over the years. Each time one of these has gained huge traction, Dream has addressed it — and of course, each time he has denied them being him.

For now, fans will have to theorize exactly how the YouTuber looks behind the mask, but if any official face reveal is done, we’ll be sure to update this article.