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Has ‘Minecraft’ YouTuber Dream ever revealed his face?

You may or may not be disappointed.

It should come as no surprise that Minecraft is the biggest game on YouTube. Having dominated the gaming space for the past decade with dozens of releases, Minecraft is here to stay and there’s one creator in the space that stands above all others: Dream.

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Dream began creating YouTube videos in 2014 and goes by an avatar image that is simply a white figure with a smile. With this mystery, the allure of Dream has only gotten bigger and his fanbase has grown. Many have asked the question: what does Dream look like?

It’s very common for YouTubers to show their faces after rising to fame anonymously behind an avatar, but Dream would seem to be different.

Has ‘Minecraft’ YouTuber Dream ever revealed his face?

As of Oct. 3, 2022, Dream has finally revealed his face to all of his fans. The streamer first debuted his true appearance in a live stream that garnered millions of concurrent viewers as it aired on his channel.

Following up this live stream, Dream posted an image of himself and his friends to social media once and for all putting to rest any speculation about his appearance.

Prior to this reveal, there had been plenty of theories regarding who exactly the YouTube sensation was and as expected the people put forward were never actually Dream.

Now that he has gone on record with a face reveal it remains to be seen how much he chooses to broadcast himself in his content going forward.

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