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How tall is Fousey? What is FouseyTube’s height

Here's what you need to know about this YouTuber/Kick Streamer.

FouseyTube at StreamCon
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Yousef Erakat, aka FouseyTube, has been on the internet since 2011, quicky becoming known for his pranks and vlogs. He also participated in a YouTuber boxing match against Slim Albaher and Deji, and lost to both of them. Nevertheless, he’s still creating content to this day, while surrounding himself with new people, like Kick streamer Adin Ross.

According to his Twitter bio, the influencer describes himself as “the Kanye West of social media,” which makes sense considering he has faced numerous controversies in the past and continues to do so to this day. One notable incident was his infamous “July 15 event” called “Hate Dies, Love Arrives,” and claimed that “it was going to be the next Coachella.” However, it was a massive failure and it led to him taking a break from social media.

Eventually, he returned in 2021 and started streaming alongside his YouTube content. But for someone who has huge ambitions, does he also have the height to match it?

How tall is Fousey? What is FouseyTube’s height

Fousey has an eccentric and energetic personality, while also radiating confidence in his videos. It’s no secret that the influencer has struggled with a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety and bipolar disorder. However, his content brought him success as he was nominated for the “Pranks” category and won “Show of the Year” during the 2015 Streamy Awards.

Regarding his height, it was reported by celebheights.com that he’s 5’11” tall. In comparison to other social media influencers, he’s shorter than Logan Paul but taller than Deji. Meanwhile, KSI is almost as tall as him, with a reported height of 5’10”.

Fousey made a comeback after his break. Apart from his daily uploads, he has also released a book and is now a verified streamer on Kick. It was also revealed that he’s talking to Ross’s sister, while also claiming that nothing is going on between them. While he doesn’t have the same level of influence as in prior years, he’s still able to capture the audience’s attention to this day.

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