Hugh Jackman says 2023 will be ‘insufferable’ if Ryan Reynolds receives this undeserved honor

Daniele Venturelli / WireImage

Hugh Jackman just can’t escape Ryan Reynolds. Not only has the Canadian star been haunting every aspect of his life over the holidays, from invading his home at Christmas to sneaking into his Broadway dressing room, but the pair of them are due to work together in Marvel’s 2024 threequel Deadpool 3. And, given all this time he’s about to spend in Reynolds’ company, Jackman has an impassioned plea to the Academy: please, for the love of God, don’t give him an Oscar nomination for Best Song.

The X-Men icon has taken to social media to post a video message in the wake of Reynolds’ recent movie Spirited being shortlisted for the Best Song category at this year’s Oscars ceremony. Given that Jackman himself is a highly experienced musical vet, the 54-year-old is fearing constant teasing from his frenemy on set of Deadpool 3 if he actually does manage to land himself an Oscar nom. As he warns, Reynolds might be about to make his 2023 “insufferable.” Check out Jackman’s hilarious plea below:

The song in question is “Good Afternoon,” an ensemble number from the Christmas comedy flick that’s sung by Reynolds and Will Ferrell. While Jackman admits that he loves the tune, thanks to it coming from the minds of his old Greatest Showman collaborators Benj Pasek and Justin Paul, he’s living in terror of it actually receiving Oscar nomination as it would make the next 12 months of his life “impossible.”

Despite his words, it’s probably fair to say that every fan of Jackman and Reynolds is praying that Spirited gets its Best Song nomination just so we can see how Hugh would react next. Even if Marvel diehards might be more interested in Jackman’s casually calling Deadpool 3 “Wolverine and Deadpool.” It’s just possible Jackman might be about to get his own highly spirited message from Kevin Feige…