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Jessica Chastain repeats a heartwarming history with her first-ever Tony nomination

Jessica Chastain and her grandma are quite the stunning pair.

Jenny Anderson/Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions

Jessica Chastain is giving us Disney princess vibes at the 2023 Tony Awards, and it’s not just because she’s seemingly floating along the carpet in a gown fit for Belle herself, but because she’s brought tears to our eyes with her guest of choice to this year’s ceremony.

Chastain received her first Oscar nomination in 2012 for her role in The Help, and one of the most memorable photos of the night includes a moment she shared with her grandma, Marilyn. She called the moment “monumental” and reminded us all to “squeeze the ones” we love. The memorable moment between them is something she’ll cherish forever, and it’s also something she will undeniably have a repeat of this evening.

Nominated for her role as Nora Helmer, Chastain is up for her first Tony this year, and the moment couldn’t be more profound. A Doll’s House is a powerful story, and Chastain did a beautiful job in the show; in fact — beautiful seems too plain a word.

So when Chastain made her way to the magenta carpet this year, she walked alongside two of the most influential people in her life — her husband and her grandma. Fans of Chastain quickly saw who her date for the evening was, and it is a nod to how essential it is to have your people with you to share in all of your moments, big and small — especially something like your first Tony nomination.

As she stood on the carpet, smiling for photos, her grandmother stood alongside her with a bright smile of her own. It goes without saying that she’s proud of her granddaughter, and being able to stand beside her at this moment is something she won’t soon forget either.

The love and adoration they share for one another is profound, and we can’t wait to see more moments like the ones shared below tonight.

Here’s to one of the biggest nights in Chastain’s life, her grandmother Marilyn Herst, and the love they have for one another. There’s something inherently special about sharing in your most memorable moments with the people who helped shape you, and her grandma is undeniably one of the most influential women in Chastain’s life.

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