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Kylie Jenner is strolling around Paris with a lion’s head, as we would expect

Expect the unexpected from beauty moguls like Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner took the saying beauty and the beast to a whole new level today when the billion-dollar businesswoman flaunted the head of a life-sized lion as an accessory on the runway of Schiaparelli’s Haute Couture Week in Paris. 

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Sporting a strapless black gown, black slingback pumps, and a delicately tousled ponytail, Jenner, whose horoscope happens to be a lio, joined the likes of supermodel icons such as Naomi Campbell to walk the runway wearing a faux animal accessory. In a post to her Instagram, Jenner thanked both creative directors Daniel Roseberry and fashion company  Maison Schiaparelli “for such a special morning.”

Kylie Jenner wearing a strapless black dress and an oversized lions head as a broach
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No stranger to lending her beauty to the fashion industry, Jenner’s faux lion head brooch – made entirely out of foam resin and other man-made materials, according to CNN –  is not just an eye-catching accessory. It’s also a metaphor for the struggle creative artists endure in their quest to bring their imaginations to life, according to Roseberry.  

Pulling from the imagery of the famous 14th-century poem, Dante’s “Inferno” of  Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy, Roseberry explained that the lion’s head “is a reminder there is no such thing as heaven without hell; there is no joy without sorrow; there is no ecstasy of creation without the torture of doubt.”

Of course, whether or not the brooch is man-man or inspired by one of the most famous poems, social media have not shied away from sharing their criticizes the look. “It’s a NO for me,” said Megan Marie Samonas. “When these beautiful creatures are actually being hunted we probably shouldn’t glamorize it.”

“Why would you walk around with a Lion head when it’s still (being) hunted and poached,” said rjeter27. “We should not display them like trophies… So sad.”

“More respect for lions and animals,” wrote Instagram user san94eli

Brooches, not necessarily lions, are something of a signature for Roseberry. The 38-year-old fashion designer is also the creative eye behind Lady Gaga’s patriotic outfit at the presidential inauguration of Joe Biden in 2021. Complimenting a black long-sleeve top and red dress, Gaga wore a hand-sized gold Schiaparelli bald eagle brooch pinned directly above her heart.

Jenner’s life-sized lion is a far cry from Gaga’s golden bald eagle, but what can you expect from a Schiaparelli runway? This is just day one of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. The event runs from Jan. 23 to Jan. 26, which means you can expect more out-of-the-box looks as the days roll by.

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