Latest Fantasy News: James Cameron adds fuel to the fire with his response to ‘The Way of Water’ parodies as an Indiana Jones star drops ambitious hints about ‘Dial of Destiny’

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The final chapter in the Indiana Jones saga continues to turn heads, as longtime fans of the franchise veer between excitement and trepidation over the upcoming release. The last film in the franchise, Indiana Jones and the Cave of the Crystal Skull, was a major step down from its predecessors, but early looks—and teasers from the film’s cast—paint an optimistic picture of Dial of Destiny

Things aren’t looking nearly so good for James Cameron’s Avatar: The Way of Water. The hugely expensive fantasy film isn’t making the money it needs to at the box office, and Cameron isn’t handling criticism—or even parodies—of his work well. 

Questions about the process behind the second Avatar flick are flooding the web, as viewers gradually make the trip to theaters to witness the lackluster film for themselves. The film’s focus on a man who was initially paralysed is prompting questions about Cameron’s inclusion of disabled actors—or lack thereof—and sparking even more controversy.

James Cameron’s casting of disabled actors comes into question

james cameron avatar the way of water
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The first Avatar flick puts a disabled former soldier at the core of its story, and the franchise’s allowances are sparking questions about Cameron’s use of disabled actors. A TikToker openly pondered why Cameron hasn’t used more disabled people in acting roles, considering the effects used in Avatar could make them able-bodied, and sparked pushback against the film in the process. Considering the massive technological measures taken in the second Avatar flick, it seems like a no-brainer to include more disabled actors. 

Dial of Destiny promises to return to its roots

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
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Hype for the fifth Indiana Jones installment is on a gradual build, as fans of the longstanding franchise look ahead to one more outing with Indy. The middling success of the franchise’s last release is coloring many fan opinions, but one of the Dial of Destiny’s stars is working to alter expectations. Boyd Holbrook promised fans that the film will lean on the influence of the first three Indiana Jones releases, and hinted that the release is set to “blow people’s minds.”

James Cameron isn’t taking pushback against The Way of Water well

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The Way of Water is one of 2022’s biggest—and most anticipated—releases. As such, it was bound to be the subject of consistent debate, as viewers finally flocked to see the long-awaited sequel in theaters. The film isn’t nearly as popular as James Cameron would have hoped, but it’s certainly no bomb, either. Despite this, Cameron seems particularly sensitive when it comes to his second Avatar flick. He’s not taking criticism—or even parodies—of the film well, as demonstrated by the director’s recent response to an SNL skit about the film title’s font. The innocuous bit pokes fun at the seemingly everyday font, and has apparently “haunted” Cameron.