Markiplier is good for his word, makes ‘tasteful nudes’ OnlyFans

Image via YouTube

He did it, internet. The mad lad actually did it. After teasing us for so long, Markiplier has finally opened up his OnlyFans account. Prepare for tasteful nudes, all in the name of charity.

The gaming YouTuber — real name Mark Fischbach — got ahold of his proper user handle and was instantly verified on the site. At the moment, no photos have been posted. Fortunately, the header and profile pic gave a quick preview of what to expect.

According to the account’s description, it made it clear that this was really Markiplier’s account and he also will fulfill his promise that all profits would be donated to charity.

“I’m sure that you reading this is a result of innocent happenstance whereby you JUST SO HAPPENED to find yourself stumbling through Only Fans (covering your eyes in horror all the while, I’m sure) before landing upon my humble page. No matter what the reality of your arrival is, I’m “pleased” to inform you that you’ve found Markiplier’s (me) Official Tasteful Nudes Only Fans. And for that, I am proud and/or ashamed of you.

“Be aware that this is real and I am really me. Simply read this in my voice (but be sure to give my voice in your head a posh judgmental attitude, yeah that’s the one) and you’ll know the truth of it. Anyway, enough reading. You didn’t come here for that I’m sure…

“All proceeds from this page will be donated to charity.”

Meanwhile, Fischbach posted an ominous tweet with the word “tomorrow,” appearing to hint at his first post on the platform. Fans reacted accordingly, joking about how OnlyFans would handle the no-doubt heavy traffic.

Markiplier isn’t the only popular YouTuber that started an OnlyFans account. In 2021, the tech YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, started an OnlyFans account as an April Fools’ joke. Oddly enough, the YouTuber revealed that they became the number one creator since their account launched. Markiplier might be able to overtake Linus’ achievement once the first image is posted.

Fischbach’s OnlyFans came to be after he made a deal with his audience promising that if they could get his podcast number one on Spotify and Apple, as well as his Go! My Favorite Sports Team podcast is number one in the sports category, he would share his goods with the world. Of course, this was achieved within days.

Congrats, Markiplier, for putting everyone in horny jail for a good cause.