Pro-life mom threatened to throw acid on Olivia Wilde’s face

Olivia Wilde gave an interview to Elle magazine that was released today and she discusses numerous things, including her pro-choice stance that helped her see an ugly side of others that she wasn’t necessarily expecting.

The director/actor/producer has been in the news quite a lot lately, thanks to her hit movie Don’t Worry, Darling, which generated many rumors during its production and also features her boyfriend Harry Styles, who is arguably the most famous man on the planet in 2022.

During the interview, Wilde noted, amongst other things, that she used Trump quotes as a guide while co-writing the film. “We had a bunch of Trump quotes up on our board when we were writing the script and there was this gross tendency of Trump’s to be very nostalgic about a better time.”

She goes on to add that the gross tendency of Trump’s nostalgia about the past is the same as “men referring to a time that was horrific for anyone who wasn’t a straight white cis man.”

Wilde, who blamed misogyny for the constant rumors surrounding her film, explained that she is very involved in the pro-choice movement, but that being so involved has its risks. The director stated that it has introduced her to “the ugliest, most depressing element of our culture in terms of those who have made vicious, violent threats against me.”

When discussing her feminist point of view, Wilde spoke of curiosity about the “collective complicity in (upholding) the patriarchy.”

However, she specifically states that while making Don’t Worry, Darling that she had no interest whatsoever in making a feminist parable that would judge others or define men as bad and women as good. “I was much more interested in that tense space where we recognize our own participation in the system that objectified us.”

It’s worth noting that, while discussing our own participation in that system that objectifies women, she posed for the accompanying photo shoot with her left breast exposed.

The most alarming reveal of the article is Wilde stating the following while further discussing being pro-choice, “No one else has threatened to throw acid on my face other than a ‘pro-life mom.'”

Unfortunately, Elle magazine doesn’t seem to have followed up at all with a question or inquiry in order to get Wilde to elaborate. So, as far as details are concerned, we’re left in the dark. We don’t know if this was in person or on social media but, either way, such unacceptable behavior is hugely problematic in our society and reflects Wilde’s greatest point.

Regardless if people agree with each other or not, such threats are never OK. Thankfully, however, Wilde herself is OK, and based on her successes of 2022 so far, she could certainly be a Woman of the Year nominee.