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Three minutes of Florence Pugh reading ‘The Wonder’ might be the most soothing thing you hear today

Wouldn't it be wonderful to fall asleep to Florence Pugh's soft, melodious voice? Well, Netflix has given us three minutes.

Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

Some people just have soothing voices that make you want to drift off as you listen to the sonorous storytelling whilst all wrapped up in a blanket. Florence Pugh is one of those people. The actress read a section from The Wonder, a book by Emma Donoghue which has been adapted into a film for Netflix and stars Pugh in the lead role.

To promote the movie Florence sat down for Netflix to read a little of the book, enough to entice audiences into wanting to know more — without giving away anything crucial, of course. Pugh’s soft voice transports us to the island of Ireland, a time of religious zeal and superstition, where a young girl has curiously not eaten anything, nothing solid or in liquid form, other than clear water, for four months.

The actress plays the role of Lib Wright, a Nightingale nurse who is called to an Irish village in 1862 in order to observe the girl and perhaps get to the bottom of this medical mystery. The film delves into horror as well, as it looks at the hidden secrets of Lib’s past, the dangers of faith without limit, and the true nature of what is occurring in this small Irish town.

Directed by Sebastián Lelio, the film has had an excellent reception, with critiques calling Pugh’s performance sensational, the themes of the story well executed, and the cinematography beautifully shot. Now, all we need is a complete audiobook of The Wonder with Pugh reading it in its entirety so we can listen as we drift off dreaming of the windswept country of Ireland.

The Wonder is now in theatres for those who want the experience on the big screen and is also streaming on Netflix.

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