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What is Brad Pitt’s genderless skincare line, Le Domaine?

His beauty secrets, finally revealed.

Brad Pitt in a white shirt, pink jacket, and aviator sunglasses
Sebastian Reuter/Getty Images for Sony Pictures

The ever-attractive actor, producer, and philanthropist Brad Pitt is embarking on a new career venture in the highly saturated skincare industry. His leg up against competitors is that his product, Le Domaine, is targeted to, well, pretty much everyone.

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The 58 year-old Hollywood icon, who is also the owner of Château Miraval, a high-end winery and vineyard, is using all the beauty tips and tricks he’s learned over the years and channeling that into Le Domaine, a genderless skincare line that helps “slow the process of skin aging and give everyone, regardless of gender or skin type, the opportunity to age well.”

Pitt himself is not much of a beauty connoisseur, but that doesn’t stop him from spotting a good product when he sees it. “I know there are new products nearly every day that people are trying to launch,” he said to Vogue. “But if I hadn’t seen a real difference visually in my skin, we wouldn’t have bothered.”

Le Domaine consists of four products: two types of creams, an anti-ageing serum, and a cleansing emulsion. They are the only products currently available for sale on Le Domaine’s website and, like Pitts beauty regimen, the ingredients in them are simple, clean, and effective. Boasting of ingredients like GSM10 and ProGr3 — revolutionary grape-based antioxidants — the skincare line is “between 96 and 99 percent of natural origin,” “vegan,” and has a “very strict blacklist” of ingredients that “are subject to controversy regarding the environment or the natural balance of your body.”

In other words, Le Domaine is “clean, green, and conscious.  Without compromising on their efficacy.” If Le Domaine reminds you of the luxury ingredients found in Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop, that’s because Pitt is an admirer of her “empire.”

And I love what Gwyneth’s done [with Goop]. She is still a really dear friend, and she has built this empire. She has always had that in her as a curator, and it’s been a lovely creative outlet for her. In fact, come to think about it, she was probably the first one who got me to even wash my face twice a day… maybe.

While Goop is highly targeted to women, Pitt hopes his genderless take on skincare can help men treat their skin as good as women do.

“I don’t know if it’s just that I believe in being all-inclusive as much as possible? Or maybe it’s about us guys needing help from others in understanding how we can treat our skin better?”

Le Domaine’s products are not cheap — The Serum alone clocks in at $385 — however, those willing to bite the bullet and splurge on themselves or a loved one, can do so directly through Le Domaine’s website.

Those itching to see Brad Pitt flaunt his flawless skin on the big screen can look forward to the premiere of Babylon, a movie about, well, we’re not really sure. But you can watch the trailer here.