What is Jennifer Lawrence’s net worth?

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One of the foremost stars of the 2010s, Jennifer Lawrence’s career is still going strong. 

She’s been pumping out crowd favorites nearly annually in the years since she became a household name with the debut of The Hunger Games and maintains a firm presence in fandoms across genre lines. She’s proven herself to be thoroughly capable in action flicks, comedies, dramas, and pretty much everything in between. 

Through it all, Lawrence has also proven herself to be a delightful, down-to-Earth human with an infectious personality. In televised appearances, she comes across as self-deprecating and effortlessly hilarious, and somehow never seems to let her immense fame go to her head.

Despite her matter-of-fact personality, few people can argue against the fact that J-Law is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and continues to dominate the box office more than a decade after her debut in the first Hunger Games film. 

Jennifer Lawrence’s net worth

Jennifer Lawrence
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After around a decade and a half of roles in film and television, Lawrence has accumulated some pretty massive wealth. She reportedly makes millions per film role these days, after starting her career with a measly $3000 weekly paycheck. Her income has since rocketed, going from $500,000 for The Hunger Games to more than $30 million for Mockingjay Part 2, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

These days, Lawrence earns a solid $15 million at base for most any film role. These high paychecks have earned her a net worth of around $160 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Her most recent role in Netflix’s critically-acclaimed Don’t Look Up earned her a salary of $25 million. She also owns several lucrative pieces of property, most of them in New York, that are worth several million apiece.