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Where are the ‘1000-lb Sisters’ now?

Are Amy and Tammy doing all right?

1000-lb Sisters

An unexpectedly popular TLC reality series continues to rake in viewers, as more and more people tune into the lives of Amy and Tammy Slaton.

The Kentucky siblings have come to be known as the 1000-lb Sisters after three seasons on the aptly-titled TLC series, which chronicles their lives and weight loss journeys. Fans were invited into the Slaton sisters’ lives in early 2020, just as the pandemic got underway, and have since been graced with two more seasons of Slaton drama. The most recent season — season three — concluded in the early months of 2022, leaving fans of the series to wonder about their new favorite reality family. Another season is headed our way eventually, but in the meantime, fans have questions about the sisters at the center of this surprise hit.

Where are Amy and Tammy Slaton now?

1000 lb Sisters

During the breaks in between seasons, fans are left with little but typical social media fare to rely on for updates on the Slaton sisters. Fans who harbor concerns over the sisters’ health, in particular, find themselves searching for updates on a regular basis. 

Over the course of three aired seasons, the Slaton sisters have been hard at work tackling their weight and working toward a happier, healthier future. Amy has been particularly successful in this goal, gradually shedding weight and welcoming two children into the world. The first of these, Gage, is occasionally featured on the show, and the second is due to arrive in July of 2022.

Amy’s weight loss journey has been a wonder for fans of the series to behold, as she gradually slims up and works toward a brighter future. She and her family may take a break from filming, according to a Feb. interview with The Sun. Amy told the publication that the filming schedule became “a lot” during season three, and shared concerns that she may no longer be able to keep up. If they cut her on-screen time down to focus more on her siblings, Amy may return for season four, but if not, the younger Slaton sister may be off the show for good.

Tammy, on the other hand, is likely to be a permanent fixture on 1000-lb Sisters. She experienced a terrifying health scare near the end of last season, and has since been holed up in a weight-loss rehab center. The center is reportedly a major drain on Tammy’s wallet, according to The Things, but fans are hopeful that TLC will eventually pick up the bill, and perhaps document a portion of Tammy’s rehab journey.

Negotiations for season four are still underway, according to Amy’s interview with The Sun. The sisters — and the rest of the Slaton family — are awaiting news about what is intended for the next season, as well as discussions about things like compensation. Fans are hopeful that the next season will feature both sisters once again — along with Amy’s new additions — but the ultimate decision is still up in the air. 

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