In A League Of Their Own: The 20 Greatest Justice League Members


20) Hawkman And Hawkgirl

The origins of this crime-fighting couple have been altered a lot over the years since their creation in 1940 at the hands of Gardner Fox and Dennis Neville. Sometimes they’re immortal Egyptians, sometimes they’re alien police officers.

Whatever their origin though, Hawkman and Hawkgirl are two of the longest-serving JLA members. The latter, in particular, will be a favourite of fans of a certain age as she was upgraded to founding member of the League in the classic Justice League animated series (and its follow-up, Justice League Unlimited).

19) Red Tornado

Even more so than the Hawkpeople, Red Tornado has one heck of a complicated backstory. Simply put, though, he’s an android originally designed to destroy the Justice League who turns to the good side instead. As well as being surprisingly powerful – his gale force winds can tear foes apart – Red Tornado is a sympathetic hero who continually seeks to become more human. He’s probably best known to non-comic readers for his prominent supporting role in the Young Justice animated series.

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