The 8 Most Unlikeable Heroes In Comic Book Properties

Since the dawn of the comic books, we’ve been taught to love the heroes and hate the villains. It’s the natural order of life, of course, where we should raise our saviors to the rafters and chastise the troublemakers for their evil doings. Good versus bad, and all that jazz.

Just like with family, however, it’s hard to like everyone – regardless of their purest intentions. Sometimes, it’s the way they smile, or laugh, or anything… It’s okay to admit: some folks are simply unlikable no matter what they do.

This extends to comic book characters as well. In spite of how many cats they save or villains they put away, they’re annoying AF and we want to scream in their stupid faces for being stupid people.

Being your pals in all things comic book-related, we’ve compiled a list of the most disliked heroes around. As always, these things are subjective and your opinion is welcome. If you agree or disagree with our picks, let us know in the comments section down below.

With that out of the way, hit the next button for a look at the dishonorable candidates.