New “Alien Nation” Video Celebrates Release Of The Mighty Captain Marvel #3


Those who have been keeping up with Marvel’s latest YouTube happenings may very well be aware of the “Alien Nation” videos being circulated with the intention of promoting The Mighty Captain Marvel. Blending the art of motion comics, narration and featured musical guests, each have succeeded at helping us understand the world of Carol Danvers.

In the latest offering, writer Magaret Stohl and editor Sana Amanat take us on a guided tour of issue #3, which apparently sees the titular heroine deal with some of the more difficult aspects of the superhero life. Knowing that the previous installment contained elements seldom seen in stories such as this, it feels only natural that things get real before long. In addition to all that, readers can look forward to seeing more from Alpha Flight.

As for the musical side of things, Japanese Breakfast provides this month’s audio treat, specifically “In Heaven” from their debut album Psychopomp. Their own Michelle Zauner had the following to say regarding her admiration of Marvel in a recent interview with Blastr:

“I love how much Marvel has embraced a more modern representation of women, especially women of color in their comics. I think my music is perfect for this series because I embrace being a mixed race woman in a genre that’s generally pretty dominated by white men. The faces of indie rock are changing a lot like the faces of comics!”

The Mighty Captain Marvel #3 is now available in comic shops everywhere as well as digitally.