Batman Writer Tweets Numerous War Of Jokes And Riddles Teasers

Although we still have “The Button” and “Aftermath” standing directly in our path, that hasn’t stopped anyone from looking ahead toward the next major Batman story arc, “The War of Jokes and Riddles.” And although some minor details have surfaced, writer Tom King recently decided to up the ante and spoil fans on Twitter with a bevy of teaser images.

Now, the first few tease the forthcoming epic with what looks to be a trade ad and a couple pieces of cover art supplied by returning illustrator Mikel Janin. But what’s most noteworthy here is that King’s accompanying text seemingly confirms that this’ll take place shortly after the events of Zero Year. I know, we all want to get to the bottom of that mystery regarding there being three Jokers running around, but let’s enjoy the work for what it is.

The next two offered affirm that this battle will indeed be a three-sided affair, as King captioned some samples of Janin’s uncolored interior art with “The Riddler is tired of jokes” and “The Joker is tired of riddles.” Factoring in the knowledge that this takes place early on, I guess it’s safe to say that supervillains aren’t very high on tolerance.

Finally, we see the Dark Knight breaking through a window as if he’s about to deliver a glide kick straight out of an Arkham game. This particular post confirms the story will encompass eight issues beginning with June’s Batman #25, effectively making it the heftiest of King’s arcs on this series to date.

Knowing that King and company have stepped up their game with each successive tale as the current volume of Batman stretches on, that gives us all more incentive to check out “The War of Jokes and Riddles” once it arrives in comic shops this summer. But, that also begs the question: What awaits us when the title returns to the present?