Brian Michael Bendis Will Pen Superman For DC


Not long ago, the comic book world was knocked on its collective rear upon hearing that one of Marvel’s greatest stalwarts, Brian Michael Bendis, was finally packing up and leaving town to work exclusively with DC. Granted, most big name creators hop between both major publishers at various points throughout their respective careers and we knew the day would probably come for Bendis, but the news was no less shocking.

Now, it’s only understandable that fans and journalists alike speculated as to which titles Bendis would actually pen. Having charted new territory for the likes of the Avengers, X-Men, and Spider-Man during his stay at the House of Ideas – in addition to being the chief architect behind many of their major crossover events – one would naturally expect him to take over a top tier title such as Justice League or Batman.

And while there’s a good chance that’ll happen at some point over the years to come, it’s doubtful Justice League will be on his plate for the time being, especially when you consider that Christopher Priest was recently granted that gig. Still, Bendis is being handed one of the big guns, because – get this – word coming down is that he’s about to put his stamp on none other than Superman.

According to Bleeding Cool, whose comic book industry rumors can often be regarded as gospel, Bendis will take the reins from Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason sometime in 2018. But here’s the kicker: He’ll be joined by one of the greatest one-two punches in all of comics today, that being the penciling and inking team of Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, the very guys who previously did such beautiful work on Justice League, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Cyborg.

Suffice it to say, this is very exciting news for Superman readers and DC in general, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any news regarding the situation once the calendar changes.