A New Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants Introduced In Today’s X-Men: Gold #1

After what’s felt like years of being left out in the cold, the House of Ideas is finally putting the X-Men back at the forefront of the Marvel Universe. Getting there hasn’t been that easy, but with a new line of titles being launched this month, fans of the mutants have plenty to get excited about.

Today saw the release of X-Men: Gold #1 (our review here), one of the core books revolving around characters like Kitty Pryde, Story, Old Man Logan and Colossus. However, after embarking on their first adventure, the gang finds themselves confronted by a brand new group claiming to be the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

The team has a storied history in the Marvel Universe and was originally led by Magneto. This version is a little different, however, as it contains some less than familiar faces. Looking at the image below, we see Avalanche, Pyro, Magma, Masque, and some sort of reptilian monster.

What’s interesting about this is that both Pyro and Avalanche are dead, so it’s not clear who could be beneath their masks. Either way, this group should still be a formidable threat to the current team of X-Men and it will be fun to see if there’s a bigger bad behind the scenes pulling their strings.

For now, check out the new image below and let us know if you’ve had the chance to read X-Men: Gold #1 yet.