DC Comics Introduces A New Version Of The Justice League


One of the many things I love about DC Comics is that of how it explores the multiverse and future timelines, thus allowing us to meet radically different takes on the publisher’s various icons. In other words, we may see something as nightmarish as the New Reichsmen of Earth-X, or the insanely imaginative heroes native to the DC: One Million tales.

Reminding us all that he’s no slouch is that of current Justice League scribe Scott Snyder. If you’ve been keeping up with his run on the title, then you’re aware of how it rivals Dark Nights: Metal as being his most high concept work. One could even say he’s freed his inner Grant Morrison.

Along for the ride is that of artist Jorge Jimenez, whose rendition of the latest addition to DC history is something to behold. Seen below is the Justice League of the Sixth Dimension, who were introduced as part of the first chapter in, well, the “Sixth Dimension” story arc. Basically, this was a result of the super group’s latest run-in with Mr. Mxyzptlk.

As you can see, the group consists of a Superman who has a penchant for wearing gold and white attire (and is apparently “our” Man of Steel aged by ten years), White Lantern John Stewart, a Flash who seems to be three people united as one, a Batman who looks like a Flashpoint-Gotham by Gaslight hybrid, a heavily armored Wonder Woman, and Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl – who have a child together.

Needless to say, it should be highly exciting to see where Snyder and Jimenez take this story. Maybe I’m Batman-level paranoid, but I’m not always willing to take it for granted that newly introduced characters will ultimately be friends. Hey, you never know when the next Justice Lords will come along.

Justice League #19 is now available in comic shops.