DC Confirms That Batman’s An Atheist


It’s not often that we think or talk about the religious beliefs of our favorite superheroes, barring the times when writers blatantly state from where these characters are coming. For example, we’re all aware of how Daredevil’s a devout Catholic, or how Batwoman’s Jewish.

Speaking of which, the latest issue of Batman really hammered home the point that the Dark Knight is, in fact, an atheist. I mean, it’s technically nothing new and has been somewhat explored in the past (I believe it was Broken City that briefly touched on this before), but the latest entry into Tom King’s ongoing saga has really gotten people talking.

You see, this all came about in the concluding chapter of “Cold Days,” an arc that saw Bruce Wayne sit on a jury deciding the fate of Mr. Freeze after he was apprehended by Batman himself. To me, it played out like 12 Angry Men, only with the Caped Crusader being involved.

Though various other interesting things happened, it was in the opening pages where Bruce discussed his standpoint with a Christian juror, basically saying he was raised as such by his father, but abandoned it once his parents were murdered. Considering how this guy always approaches situations from a rational and scientific standpoint, none of us should really be surprised about his atheism.

This was but one item on a laundry list of introspection following his being jilted at the altar by Catwoman last month, as the issue finished with him jettisoning the costume he’s worn since the Rebirth era kicked off because he doesn’t want to wear anything that reminds him of his time spent with Selina Kyle. As such, the suit introduced during the days of Hush is back – trunks and all.

Batman #53 is now available in comic shops.