Ed Brisson Is On Target With New Bullseye Miniseries



One upcoming miniseries that we’re keeping our eyes on is that of Bullseye, which aims to place the focus on one of Daredevil’s most deadly nemeses. As he returns to the life of an assassin, expect to see him earn back any respect he’s lost in the time he’s been away. In other words, he’s about to get his groove back.

Series writer Ed Brisson recently sat down with Newsarama to discuss the highly anticipated title and shed some light on what’s going on with the character when the story picks up:

“We find him back on his feet after being killed, resurrected, paralyzed, confined to an iron lung, killed (again), and resurrected (again). He’s been off the street for a long while and is looking to make up for lost time. He’s looking for a chance where he can cut loose and inflict maximum carnage.”

An important element necessary when placing the focus on any character is to make them somewhat identifiable to the reader, no matter what their transgressions may have been. We’ve seen this done recently with characters such as Deathstroke and Poison Ivy, to name a few, and while we wouldn’t go as far to say that Bullseye sounds like he’s being painted as an anti-hero in this book, it does sound like we’re going to get into some grey areas:

“What’s not to like about a cold-blooded murderer?

“Honestly, I think that with everything that Bullseye’s been through, he feels a bit like an underdog. This series is him trying to get back on his feet and reclaim his position as Marvel’s most brutal killer in the only way that he knows how: by being a brutal killer.

“We’ve put him up against an antagonist that will give Bullseye a run for his money in terms of brutality, so readers get the chance to sit back and watch two badasses duke it out.”

Bullseye #1 arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, February 1.