Eddie Brock Returns To Venom This April

Venom banner

Although Marvel has made a recent habit of allowing various characters to inherit the mantles of more prominent heroes, the desire to see more classic versions will never subside when it comes to comic book readers because, let’s face it, this may be the medium that is adored most by those who fancy themselves as purists. That being said, many fans will likely be dancing in the streets knowing that Eddie Brock will return in the pages of Venom this April.

Before we can get to May’s Venom #150, which Marvel says will be “The Biggest Venom Story In Ten Years,” expect to see Brock show up in April’s Venom #6 just before renumbering occurs in time for the milestone issue. Not only that, but both Spider-Man and Mac Gargan are set to join the party along with the symbiote’s new host, Lee Price.

Series editor Devin Lewis had this to say:

“I can say we do have plans for Eddie Brock. I can’t say what they are, but stay tuned. In terms of other editorial goals, if readers look closely, there’s an anniversary of some kind coming up and it’s kind of a momentous occasion.”

One can only hope that Brock will do more than serve as a spectator upon his return, lest fans feel cheated. If Sony does indeed succeed in getting a Venom spinoff film off the ground in the not too distant future, it may be wise for Marvel to have Brock re-inherit the mantle before long in an effort to synergize with any possible motion pictures that will attract new readers.