Exclusive Preview: Simon Baz Is Out Of Time In Green Lanterns #31

From the start, one of Green Lanterns’ greatest qualities has been that the series has pulled no punches when it comes to taking ringslingers in new directions. After all, that’s what made Geoff Johns now legendary run so tremendous, and that’s also why I’ll remember Sam Humphries’ time on the book so fondly.

Furthermore, what makes this title feel so fresh isn’t just the new concepts that are introduced, it’s the characters it centers on, those being Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz. Both having been products of the New 52, they’ve become more fleshed out during Rebirth, with Baz being one of DC’s breakout characters of late. Yes, Johns may have created him, but it’s my belief that Humphries has defined him.

In next week’s issue, which just so happens to serve as the conclusion to the “Out of Time” story arc, the rookie Baz will be forced to put everything he’s learned to this point to use as he must do battle with Volthoom in the past – and without Jessica, no less.

Now, Volthoom has been a thorn in the side of anyone wearing a green power ring for years, but has played an especially important role in this series. Suffice it to say, this kind of feels like it’s the culmination of everything Humphries has been building toward since the summer of 2016, so you definitely won’t want to miss out.

Green Lanterns #31 arrives in comic shops next Wednesday, September 20.


Written by: Sam Humphries
Art by: Ronan Cliquet
Cover by: Bradley Walker
Variant cover by: Brandon Peterson