Green Lantern’s Most Iconic Villians

When it comes to members of the Justice League it’s hard to look past the Green Lantern despite his absence in the team’s outings to the big screen. In the comic series, Hal Jordan the very first human Green Lantern is one of the most legendary characters to join the group of defenders.

Using the power ring alongside his allies in the Green Lanterns, Jordan is able to fend off some formidable foes throughout the run of the series. While there are plenty of crossovers with other iconic DC characters, the Green Lantern has had its fair share of villains over the years.

Some of these villains are more memorable than others and have reappeared within the series quite a bit. Here are the most iconic foes that the Green Lanterns have faced over the years.

Red Lantern Corps

The Red Lantern Corps has been one of the most common enemies for the Green Lanterns. Forged by Atrocitus, this army force is full of other powerful characters including Bleez, Dex-Starr, Guy Garder, and plenty more. This crew uses the power of rage and blood magic to fuel their strength and cause quite the issue for the Green Lantern Corps.

Sinestro Corps

Another of the Green Lantern Corps’ biggest enemies, and arguably the most important, the Sinestro Corps is a division quite similar to the Green Lanterns, but deriving their power front the emotional electromagnetic spectrum. As the name suggests, the group was created by former Green Lanterns alumni and arguably the most important villain of the series, Sinestro.

Black Hand

Beginning as the genius inventor William Hand before donning the persona Black Hand, this green lantern villain has had quite a story and over that time a variety of different weapons at his disposal. Most notable of these was when Black Hand was reanimated by Scar and acquired the first Black power ring to become the very first Black Lantern.

Dr. Polaris

One of Green Lantern’s few human villains, Dr. Polaris proved to be a worthy challenger to the Green Lanterns with his incredible ability to control magnetic fields, even boasting a way to make them explode.

Carol Ferris

On and off love interest for the Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Carol Ferris would become one of his foes donning multiple personalities throughout the run from the more prominent Star Sapphire persona as well as her male manifestation, Predator. Ferris has quite a varied skillset with obvious business acumen as well as cosmic powers thanks in part to her Star Sapphire Ring.


The ruler of the realm of the dead, Nekronm is able to harness the power of souls of the dead for his own purposes. Nekron also crafted the Black Power Rings with the first landing in the possession of the Black Hand providing a tether to the world of the living for Nekron.


Having created the multiverse due to his ambition to view the beginning of time, Krona is quite a powerful foe. A deranged scientist, it took multiple generations of Green Lanterns working together to eliminate Krona’s threat. 

Hector Hammond

One of the most prominent metahuman foes in the Green Lantern series, Hector Hammond is an earth-based telepath with an obsession for the Green Lanterns. The obvious disproportionately large head might seem clownish but the strength of Hammond’s telepathy is nothing to joke about.


While he may not have begun as a Green Lantern villain, over the years Mongul became one of the corps most powerful foes. Exiled from his rule of an alien race, Mongul would enact vengeance on the Green Lantern after he attempted to imprison him. Along with the range of alien technology at his disposal, Mongul also has a great knowledge of hand-to-hand combat making him a tricky foe to defeat. 


If you’ve seen the Green Lantern movie then you’ll know who Parallax is and despite the film being a flop, the character remains one of the most iconic villains in the comic book series. The embodiment of fear itself, Parallax is extremely powerful with the ability to possess even a Guardian if he chooses to.


After forging a red lantern using blood and rage, Atrocitus forged the Red Lantern corps who would go on to be consistent foes for the Green Lanterns. Atrocitus is the perfect soldier boasting superhuman strength and durability as well as a mastery of sorcery using blood rituals.



The most iconic villain of the Green Lantern Corps by far is Thaal Sinestro. A former member of the Green Lantern Corps and the founder of the Sinestro Corps, Sinestro is also one of the most powerful villains. Boasting a similar skillset to the Green Lanterns, with a unique yellow power ring.