Harley Quinn Writers On Bringing Paul Dini Aboard

If you’ve been following the flagship Harley Quinn series to this point, you’re well aware that the Rebirth run is just as good as the New 52 one that preceded it (you can check out our review of the first trade paperback here). Actually, that comes as no surprise, because it likely has everything to do with the fact that DC retained the same stellar writing team of Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti.

As if the series couldn’t get any better, it was revealed not long ago that the Clown Princess of Crime’s co-creator, Paul Dini, would be boarding the title in the spring to contribute backup stories, naturally chronicling the earlier exploits of the character. Fortunately, the new status quo begins next week.

Comicosity recently caught up with Conner and Palmiotti, who spoke of how all this came about:

“Honestly, it was an idea we were bouncing around, like, what if Bruce Timm and Paul Dini did back-up stories with classic Harley — a Harley Loves Joker type of thing. Bruce Timm was too busy, and Paul and I started talking on Twitter. Then we came to the point where we pitched it as a back-up story. We got Brett Blevins and Jay Bone and Alex Sinclair. And they went for it.

“Since the book is biweekly, we were like, “How cool!” There’s a back-up story that continues. There’s a front story that continues. And the book is still only $2.99. That’s a lot of bang for your buck.”

As they continued, it quickly became apparent that they’re fully aware a Harley clad in her classic jester suit would appeal to fans of Batman: The Animated Series, the Emmy Award winning show on which she originated:

“People who love the animated series are going to love this. It’s visually similar, but a little more lush. And has the tone of that. It happens in past, at a time when the Joker and Harley were in a relationship and going on their little crime sprees around Gotham.”

Harley Quinn #17 arrives in comic shops on Wednesday, April 5.