Hatchet Comic Victor Crowley’s Halloween Tales Coming Next Month


Horror’s cult-favorite swamp monster Victor Crowley is getting his own Halloween-themed comic next month.

Entitled “Victor Crowley’s Halloween Tales,” it is, of course, based on the famous Hatchet movie franchise from Adam Green, in which the titular character – an urban legend, really – slices and dices his way through Honey Island Swamp, killing anything (and anyone) who dares tread on his territory.

The series itself consists of four films, culminating in the 2018 soft reboot, Victor Crowley. And while Green is quietly confident that his sadistic slasher can stage a comeback, Bloody Disgusting has relayed some details about Crowley’s next adventure, which is due to hit store shelves on October 9th – just in time for Halloween and the spooky festivities that await.. Penned by Jason Pell, the comic is described as so:

Spend Halloween with three creepy tales from Honey Island Swamp! In “Following” writer Jason Pell (Beware The Witch’s Shadow) shows us that heartbreak can lead to a fatal outcome… novelist SA Check (Volcanosaurus) delivers the doomed destiny of a circus troupe attempting to add Victor Crowley to their freakshow in “In The Company Of Freaks”… and in “Gourd To Death” horror author James Kuhoric (Freddy vs Jason vs Ash) delivers a Halloween monster mash of bloody revenge. As a bonus Halloween treat you’ll also enjoy several holiday themed activities in the vein of HATCHET!

As you can see from the gallery above, there are five variant covers to collect, and Hatchet super-fans will be pleased to note that all pre-ordered copies of next month’s comic will be signed by franchise creator Adam Green. Each variant is priced at $12 each, or you can nab the entire set for a total of $50, saving you $10 had you purchased each one individually.

“Victor Crowley’s Halloween Tales” slithers onto store shelves on October 9th. Details of how to reserve your copy, and the five aforementioned variant covers, can be found over on ArieScope. You’ll even be able to bag a signed copy from Adam Green himself. Now how’s that for a Hatchet collector’s item?