James Bond: Origin To Explore The Spy’s Previously Untold Beginnings

While a bidding war is now underway to see which studio will distribute the next entry in the film franchise, some news that’s no less exciting has surfaced in the meantime. Granted, it’s taking place in a different medium entirely, but you have to admit that James Bond: Origin certainly has the potential to turn many heads.

Now, you may say this story has been told before, but technically, it hasn’t. Sure, various novels and movies have alluded to the super spy’s background – Skyfall leaving breadcrumbs concerning his parentage being a recent example – but there’s been nothing of great detail. It could be argued that the Casino Royale film released in 2006 served that purpose, but that more so picked up after he achieved Double-0 status, which actually differed a bit from the novel that, despite being Ian Fleming’s first entry in the series, read as though Bond had already been on the job for some time.

Basically, Dynamite Entertainment reportedly intends to explore Bond’s World War II background, effectively placing this tale within the original timeline. Furthermore, the comic book has been approved by the Ian Fleming estate and the Broccoli family, making it officially canonical. So, whether or not comics are your cup of tea – or maybe a shaken-but-not-stirred martini in this case – you probably shouldn’t miss out on it.

Beyond that, the publisher announced a couple other related projects at the Diamond Retailer’s Summit, including James Bond: Kill Chain and James Bond: Service .

As of now, James Bond: Origin has no confirmed creative team or release date, but we’ll keep you posted once we learn more.