Jeff Lemire Readies His Old Man Logan Finale

old man logan

Although Marvel killed off arguably the most popular of the X-Men several years ago in the pages of Charles Soule’s brilliantly executed Death of Wolverine, an alternate universe version of the character has since been integrated into proper continuity in the form of Old Man Logan.

Captain America may be a man out of time, but, well, we don’t know quite how to describe a man who’s out of his own universe! Thankfully, we’ve had such a capable writer in Jeff Lemire to handle the subject with care.

Having previously penned critically acclaimed runs on Animal Man and Green Arrow for DC, Lemire made the smooth transition to Marvel when he took over Hawkeye. Archers aside, one has to imagine he’s been having a blast writing for a more grizzled take on Logan (if such a thing were possible) and had this to say about the upcoming finale:

“I agree this sort of poses the final test for Old Man Logan. He will either slip back into letting the specter of his Wastelands future rule his life and affect everything he does, or he will once and for all let it go. Obviously I don’t want to spoil how things end up!”

Perhaps it’s best he found himself tasked with writing for this version of Wolverine, given he told the following to

“I did enjoy writing the character. I honestly don’t think I would have had much interest in writing the [classic] Wolverine, but the Old Man Logan character has a different perspective that I really enjoyed mining for story. I particularly enjoyed exploring his family in the Wastelands and expanding that story and those characters, while trying to honor what [Old Man Logan creators] Mark Millar and Steve McNiven did. And of course, I enjoyed re-teaming with [artists] Andrea Sorrentino and Marcelo Maiolo and hope to do it again soon.”

“Past Lives” kicks off with Old Man Logan #21 this April.