Kara Continues Her Path To Discovery In Supergirl: Being Super #3

Say what you want about Supergirl: Being Super, but it’s giving the titular heroine some much needed exposure in the comic book realm outside of her in continuity title when she could certainly use it. After all, with a hit TV show airing in prime time, having more than one book for longtime and potentially new readers to take in is certainly anything but a bad idea.

As I alluded to a moment ago, this four-issue miniseries by way of writer Mariko Tamaki and artist Joelle Jones takes place outside of DC continuity proper and explores Kara’s formative years in greater detail than we’ve seen otherwise. Actually, I’d kind of liken it to Smallville, only with Kara in place of Clark. Granted we could’ve done without seeing her pop a super zit that made a cartoonish mess, but she at least learns valuable lessons sooner rather than later when it comes to being a burgeoning superhero.

In addition to learning more of her lineage in the penultimate installment, it should be intriguing to see more of what Lexcorp’s like in this particular universe. It’s probably not much of a deviation from what we’ve come to know, but you have to admit it’s always cool to see what a writer can come up with when they aren’t tethered to years of backstory.

Supergirl: Being Super #3 arrives in comic shops on April 26. For more information, be sure to check out the official synopsis below:

Kara Danvers’ hidden memories of her life on another planet are bubbling to the surface—but is she alone here on earth? Following the devastating events of the Midvale Earthquake, Kara and Dolly struggle to piece their lives back together—but what’s up with Coach? Their mentor is acting strangely, and her odd behavior goes from curious to downright creepy when Kara follows her back to a Lexcorp bunker deep underground. What she’s hiding will change Kara’s life forever—all will be revealed and a hero will need to be super in this penultimate chapter!