Marvel Rumored To Be Taking Over DC Comics


The Marvel/DC rivalry is legendary amongst superhero fans. Over the decades, the two titans of the comic book industry have battled to be known as the best in the business. Nowadays, with their success on screen via the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s probably fair to say that Marvel is in ruder health. But could this mean that they’ll finally buy out their eternal rival? That’s what this shocking new rumor suggests.

Last week, Dan DiDio stepped down as the Co-Publisher for DC Comics after a decade in the role. It’s widely believed that he was fired as part of a major restructuring going on at AT&T. That remains to be confirmed, but the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel have released a new report which claims that AT&T’s restructuring plans may include them putting DC up for sale. According to this rumor, the corporation is considering getting out of the comics publishing trade all together and inviting Marvel to take over DC.

You’re no doubt reading this and thinking that it’s a ridiculous idea and there’s no way it’s going to happen. And frankly, it sounds a little out there. However, the YouTubers do note that their sources say this may not be something they’re seriously considering and instead something that AT&T is putting out there to gauge fan reaction.

Other options apparently being considered to inject some fresh blood into DC Comics are to employ more screenwriters and filmmakers to pen comics. For instance, J.J. Abrams is currently helming a Spider-Man comic for Marvel and now that he’s exclusively signed up to WarnerMedia, they could get him to do similar projects for DC.

As for DiDio, this rumor points to the publisher being fired over AT&T’s disagreements with his planned “5G” relaunch, which would reboot the DC pantheon with contemporary characters. The company is apparently worried of how this rebranding would affect their upcoming screen projects focusing on classic heroes like The Batman. What’s more, it’s said DiDio clashed with top DC talent like Scott Snyder, who were not in support of the relaunch.

Obviously, we should take this potential merger with a handful of salt for now. Though, to be fair, things have been going crazy in the corporate world of late, what with Disney taking over Fox. Could one big homogenized Marvel/DC universe be next? Time will tell.