Marvel Announces Secret Empire #1 Launch Parties

Well, it looks like the first week of May just got a lot busier for comic book retailers. Not only will they have Free Comic Book Day on their hands on Saturday the 6th, but now they’ll get a boost in foot traffic on Wednesday the 3rd thanks to Marvel rolling out Secret Empire launch parties.

In order to observe the first full issue’s release (we’re not talking about Secret Empire #0, mind you), the publisher will be sending out various promotional goodies to qualifying comic shops, which include the following:

  • Secret Empire Invitational Postcards
  • Secret Empire Lenticular Backing Board (Bundles of 25)
  • Secret Empire Pins (Bundles of 25)
  • Secret Empire #1 Nauck Where’s Hydra? Sketch Variant
  • Deep Ordering Discounts
  • Downloadable Cake Toppers

Sounds pretty cool, eh? Personally, I like getting my hands on stuff like this whenever I can, so I may very well be making my way to my shop of choice that day in hopes of grabbing some of the items listed.

Marvel SVP Sales & Marketing David Gabriel had this to say about the festivities:

“We’re rolling out the red carpet for Secret Empire, and providing retailers with everything they need to get customers in on the ground floor for this story. In addition to making sure retailers have the first issue on shelves for Free Comic Book Day, one of their most trafficked days of the year, Marvel will be shipping participating retailers additional materials to help promote Secret Empire in their stores. Posters, postcards, promo items, samplers and more! If your store hasn’t opted in yet, what are you waiting for?!”

Tell us, which of these pieces of Secret Empire swag do you find most appealing? Be sure to check out the gallery at the top, which also features a variety of variant covers, and let us know what you think in the usual place below!