Marvel Comics Reveals Wolverine’s New Costume


Just when you thought there wouldn’t be any other major talking points before the first issue of The Return of Wolverine hits shelves, Marvel goes and drops another two bombshells. I mean, we already knew about how the iconic mutant’s claws now heat to extreme temperatures when popped, but now the House of Ideas has provided some extra incentive for True Believers to invest their time and money.

As it turns out, Logan will be sporting some new threads with the second installment in the miniseries. By now, we’ve grown used to him changing his costume from time to time, but his latest upgrade is quite the departure from past offerings, at least in my view. Naturally, there are bound to be people who love it or hate it, though there are probably decent odds on someone whipping up a cosplay for this by October for New York Comic Con.

Found in the gallery below, you can view a couple pieces showing off Wolverine’s new gear. One happens to be the cover art for The Return of Wolverine #2 provided by Declan Shalvey, while the other is some concept art that allows us to glimpse it directly from the front.

If you’re paying attention, you probably noticed my mentioning of Shalvey (Venom, All-Star Batman), whom Steve McNiven will be tagging in for issues #2-4. Of course, writer Charles Soule is more than thrilled to be working with his new creative partner, as he said the following to

“I’ve wanted to work with Declan Shalvey forever—you can ask him! I’ve talked to him a million times about telling a story together. The timing’s never worked out, until now, for RETURN OF WOLVERINE, and I think it’s great he’s come aboard. He did a new design for one of Logan’s outfits in the story that I love, and he’ll get to choreograph a massive battle sequence with the X-Men, too. Declan’s wonderful, and he’ll do a hell of a job.”

The Return of  Wolverine #2 arrives in comic shops on October 24th. In the meantime, sound off in the usual place below and let us know if you like the titular hero’s new look.