Marvel Comics Is Seemingly Teasing The Death Of Captain Marvel


Marvel really loves setting up universe-altering events, whether that’s in the comic books or the movies. In the latest Marvel Comics event called Empyre, an alien invasion is gearing up to destroy Earth. And the cover art for the series could be teasing Captain Marvel’s death, depicting a casket with the inscription of Carol’s last name – Danvers – on it.

If there’s one thing the comics and the MCU have established, it’s that the Kree and Skrull hate each other. But this time around, they’re teaming up under the leadership of the Young Avengers’ Hulkling. The two factions have come to the conclusion that they share a common enemy, humanity. So, they’re now coming for us.

Captain Marvel will be playing a pivotal role in the series, after learning that she’s half-human/half-Kree and gaining a new place in the Marvel hierarchy. She’s now a supercharged hero claiming the title of Supreme Accuser, a role that MCU fans will recognize as the moniker of Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Ronan. Danvers also wields her own Universal Weapon, a hammer with the destructible capability of ‘judging’ entire planets.

All the series blurbs hint is that the Empyre storyline will include a major tragedy, but will that be Danvers’ death? The teaser certainly seems to point in that direction, with the Universal Weapon lying on top of the casket.

Marvel is pretty gung-ho about putting heroes and villains six feet under. But, they also have a predilection for fake outs. So, this could just as easily end with some other major character’s death, caused by Captain Marvel perhaps, who then relinquishes her new toy. Or, she fakes her death. The possibilities are literally endless.

The MCU might be lining up similar cosmic clashes in future phases, too, with rumors of Captain Marvel teaming up with Adam Warlock and Nova to fight the villain Annihilus. Maybe they’ll even be pivotal in forming the next group of Avengers, now that Iron Man and Captain America have bowed out?

Either way, it’s a great time to be Captain Marvel, a monumental force to be reckoned with not just in the comics but in the MCU as well. Unless she ends up dead, that is.