Marvel Pays Tribute To Stan Lee On His 96th Birthday


Last month, the world lost a true creative icon.

Stan Lee, one of Marvel’s greatest ever exports, passed away at the age of 95, leaving behind a wealth of comic book gold ranging from Spider-Man to Black Panther, Thor to the Fantastic Four. Almost all of those characters have been integrated into the fabric of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, too, which really only underlines the longevity of Lee’s timeless creations and how beloved they are by fans around the world.

Indeed, MCU head honcho Kevin Feige recently spoke about Stan Lee’s lasting legacy while appearing on Variety’s Playback Podcast and today, the official Marvel Twitter account is paying tribute to the legend on what would’ve been his 96th birthday. As you can see below, they’ve shared an illustration of the man along with the caption: On his birthday, join us in remembering Stan Lee. Happy Birthday, Stan. Thank you for everything.

Even now, over a month after he left us, it’s still tough to believe that the legendary Stan Lee is no longer on this Earth. He meant so much to so many people and ever since he passed away, we’ve been seeing a continuous stream of tributes pouring out from folks on social media, expressing their gratitude for his incredible and unforgettable contributions to superhero history.

Stan Lee may be gone, but if one thing’s clear, it’s that his legacy will continue to live on for many, many years through his work in the comic book medium. And though he’s no longer with us, fans can still look forward to a few more encounters with the legend thanks to upcoming cameos in films like Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel. We’re unsure of how he’ll factor into those movies, but it’ll no doubt be a very bittersweet experience when he makes his final appearance.