Marvel Reveals Why Thanos Didn’t Kill Gamora As A Child

Thanos armor in Avengers Infinity War

A ruthless killer who hoped to bring peace through violent means, Thanos didn’t earn the nickname the Mad Titan by showing mercy. But as fans saw in Avengers: Infinity War, the alien warlord took an instant liking to Gamora, not only sparing her life but adopting her after bringing ruin to her species. The question remains, however, as to why he showed clemency at this moment.

Marvel’s latest run on the character, which began in April’s Thanos #1, delves into his more vulnerable side, exploring both his love for Gamora and passion for Death. Yet, because this is Marvel, Death isn’t so much a state of nonexistence as it is a silent and mysterious force that takes on the appearance of a humanoid woman, with whom the Mad Titan has fallen helplessly in love.

While Infinity War shied away from bringing Lady Death to the big screen, thus altering the character’s motives for destruction, it looks like Thanos is going to double down on its wacky comic book-y verve. The first issue, written by Tini Howard and Ariel Olivetti, finds Gamora recounting her initial meeting with the Titan, who’s on the verge of giving up his murderous ways and moving on from his obsessive behavior.

But before he can call it quits, Lady Death leads him to the planet Zen-Whoberi, where he first meets Gamora as a sad and shaken little girl. Thanos still manages to murder every single life form he comes across, but realizes that this particular child can see Death like himself, and spares her.

He then decides that maybe if the elusive embodiment of Death doesn’t want him, perhaps a daughter would fill him with contentment instead.

It’s safe to say that the rest of Marvel’s Thanos run will delve into Gamora’s childhood, which will surely be as shocking as it is bloody. And if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend checking out Thanos #1, available now at your local comic book shop.