Marvel Comics Tease Mysterious New X-Men Characters


Marvel Comics has revealed the designs of mysterious new characters that they claim will “introduce the next landmark era of the X-Men.”

Debuting in a new video teasing the release of the House of X and Powers of X miniseries, the character mock-up sheets have been highly redacted, hiding the names and powers. All that’s actually revealed are R.B. Silva’s beautiful designs, most of which look more alien and robotic than mutated human.

Not much is currently known about the X-Men’s return to Marvel Comics, but the once flagship franchise had recently been placed on the backburner in favor of the more cinematically popular Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers series. Now that Disney has acquired Fox (and the rights to their remaining Marvel characters), it seems like the mutants are coming back to the comic book universe in a big way.

“Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman is crafting these two stories, which will be the foundation for all X-Men tales over the next several years and return the X-Men to their rightful, prominent position in the Marvel Universe,” reads the press release.

“In anticipation of the biggest mutant moment in recent memory, Jonathan and POWERS OF X artist R.B. Silva have shared six new character designs for the new series… Who are they? Whose side are they on? We’ll begin to find out in just one month.”

Powers of X is set to coincide with the release of House of X, which the big wigs at Marvel have planned out to show two sides of the same “pivotal month in the history of the X-Men.” Every issue of POX will feature a reinterpretation of the previous issue of HOX, a Roshomon-style of storytelling that will surely guarantee fans pick up both issues every other week.

After the limited series conclude their 12-week run, an entirely new universe of X-books are set to follow. While none of the following titles have officially been announced, Hickman has revealed that he’ll write an ongoing mainline X-Men series.

Powers of X #1 hits comic book shelves on July 31st. Don’t miss it.