MCU fans debate whether Wanda Maximoff could defeat Kang

Elizabeth Olson in character as Wanda Maximoff in Marvel’s “WandaVision”
Marvel Studios

One of the more fun things about being a fan of comic books and superheroes, especially Marvel ones, is the inevitable conversation of whether superhero A could beat up superhero B. This delightful back and forth happened on the subreddit r/marvelstudios recently when user Gray19999 posed the question: “Since Wanda was able to destroy the Darkhold in every single universe, could she also be key to defeating Kang in every timeline/universe?”

This question is an important one, especially considering Kang is the big time Marvel baddie of Phase 5. Fans weighed in and user marcsystems had the top comment:

“Idk but she definitely will have an important role in this saga. She’s like one of the most powerful being in the MCU rn.”

User dekomorii pointed out that Wanda was incredibly strong in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so Marvel might have to write something in to make her less powerful.

“She was unstoppable in MoM. Pretty sure she’ll have that nerf plot where she swears that she wont use her powers because it only did harm than good.”

Another theory, courtesy of LemoLuke, said that Wanda could take on the role of another superhero from the comics.

“I’m sticking to my theory that she’ll fill the role of the Molecule Man in the 2015 comic, and Kang/Doom/whoever will use her reality warping powers in the creation of Battleworld, before ‘putting things right’. The prophecy still states that she will either ‘rule or destroy the multiverse’, and I think that is what it is alluding to.”

Still another interesting theory involves, from PepperCertain, posits that she will either destroy all Kangs, or bring back all mutants Kang got rid of.

“Yah I predicted after the movie that she’d either destroy kang in all universes, or bring back the mutants in all universes, in sort of a reverse M day. (The theory being that kang only rises to power in universes where mutants don’t stand against him, so he makes it a point to go around quietly exterminating mutants from the multiverse in order to create more variants).”

What about Wanda’s true love, Vision? Could he somehow be involved? User anillop thinks that could be a possibility.

I think the only way they could bring her back is with the vision coming back in some form. I am convincing her that she needs to stand with the avengers as a penance for all of her deeds would be a good way to get her back on the avengers side temporary early at least.

Another theory involved another superhero/villain: Dark Phoenix, courtesy of user modern-hero.

“Kinda mirrors the Phoenix / dark Phoenix storyline. She gets all powerful, turns evil, and sacrifices herself to save everything.”

Regardless of what happens, we’re just going to have to wait until Phase 5 really starts jumping to find out, but it’s always fun to ponder.