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Nicole Andelfinger Of Steven Universe Comic Fame To Write Power Rangers Universe

The writer behind Jim Henson's Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Steven Universe, and An Ember in the Ashes is joining the team.

Power Rangers has cemented itself as a legendary series that isn’t afraid to mix up the formula and try something fresh. Starting life as an adaption of Japan’s Super Sentai franchise in 1993, the show has moved channels several times and expanded into movies, videogames and comics. And now the franchise is going to grow once more with the announcement of Power Rangers Universe.

Power Rangers Universe is a limited-run comic by BOOM! Studios that focuses on the Phantom Ranger, a mysterious black-armored Power Ranger. This character debuted in Power Rangers Turbo and later appeared in Power Rangers In Space, playing a major role in both storiesDue to production issues at the time, the true identity of this ranger was never revealed, fueling years of fan speculation about who, or what, the Phantom Ranger really is. In recent years, the character has appeared in several comics that further expand on the Rager’s backstory and world.

According to the series official summary: 

“What is the true origin of the Phantom Ranger? And what is his connection to the Morphin Grid? From the moment he first appeared 24 years ago, fans have wondered about the origins of the powerful and mysterious Phantom Ranger and how they tie to the greater Power Rangers Universe. Questions which have never been answered — until now — in the game-changing series event that no Power Rangers fan can afford to miss!”

It was previously announced that the series would be drawn by Simone Ragazzoni. But the newest announcement reveals that the series will be written by Nicole Andelfinger, someone very familiar to many comics fans as she has worked on titles like Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, Steven Universe, and An Ember in the Ashes.

In a press release, Andelfinger says:

“My twelve-year-old self — and current self — are screaming! When the Power Rangers team comes knocking at your door, of course you say yes. I’m so honored and excited to be a part of Power Rangers Universe and can’t wait to help expand the universe just a bit more for fans new and old to enjoy.”

Dafna Pleban, the Senior Editor of BOOM! Studios added: 

“Power Rangers Universe is a bold new event that dives deep into the heart of what makes this hit series about superpowered teens saving the world such a beloved and enduring franchise. We’re incredibly excited to have Nicole, a talented writer who brings years of experience working with iconic characters and a lifelong passion for Power Rangers, on board with artist Simone Ragazzoni to tell the stories you’ve all been waiting for!”

Power Rangers Universe #1 will release in December, and it will be available via digital services such as ComiXology, iBooks, Google Play, and Kindle, as well as physically in comic stores. 

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