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No more Elvira? New IndieGoGo fully funds ‘Death of Elvira’ comic

Elvira fans will soon have a new Elvira comic to feast on ... but will it be the last? Is this actually The Death of Elvira?

Is Elvira no more? Passed on? Ceased to be? Pushing up the daisies? Comic publisher Dynamite Entertainment is going to celebrate the Mistress of the Dark’s upcoming fortieth anniversary by answering just that question. A new IndieGoGo started today towards a new Elvira limited comic issue entitled The Death of Elvira has already been fully funded four times over, so fans will soon be able to sink their teeth into this Landmark comics project featuring their favorite Queen of Screams.

Dynamite’s IndieGoGo page describes the “supersized anniversary issue” from the creative team of writer David Avallone and artist Silvia Califano as “a throwback to the classic whodunnit horror stories of the past.” The synopsis reads, “Elvira’s wake is a star-studded mad monster party, as every boy and ghoul show up to swap their favorite memories of the dearly departed. They’re joined by film directors, actors, and maybe a stalker or two. Maybe even… the killer!”

Potential investors in the comic can opt into a variety of packages that feature perks and limited editions, including a six-pack of each variant cover, sets of trading cards, and photos signed by Elvira herself, Cassandra Peterson. The exclusive perks are unavailable anywhere else.

But will Elvira return? Or have the rumors of her death been exaggerated? Killing off a major icon isn’t exactly an unknown marketing ploy. Superhero comics have been doing it for years. “We were looking for a way to really honor the 40th Anniversary of Elvira, and I thought the best way to do that would be a recap of her incredible life and career,” writer David Avallone told CBR. “But I needed a dramatic reason to do it… and decided to go with the most dramatic reason possible: her death!”

Elvira fans can secure their own copy at Dynamite’s IndieGoGo site.

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