Red Hood And The Outlaws Vol. 1 Introduces The Dark Trinity

If you’re a Batfan who makes weekly trips to their local comic shop, odds are that you’re keeping up with standards such as Batman, Detective Comics or maybe even Nightwing. But one possibly overlooked gem that deserves a deeper look by all is that of Red Hood and the Outlaws.

Now, I know you may be thinking that with us being nearly a year into Rebirth, that it’s too late to catch up, but that’s far from the case. In fact, the first trade paperback collecting issues #1-6 and the Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth one-shot has finally seen the light of day, and introduces us to what’s been dubbed “the Dark Trinity.”

Sure, we’re all familiar with the other Trinity – Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman – but this particular trio is quite special in that it’s made up of characters closely related to each of those heroes that’ll obviously never take up their respective mantles: Red Hood, Bizarro and Artemis. And, if we’re to be completely honest, that lineup alone can sell the book.

Aside from conveying a message that you should be the best “you” possible as opposed to worrying about living up to someone else’s accomplishments, this tome is a real treat for Jason Todd fans, as it not only paves the way for his future, but also honors and streamlines his convoluted past. Trust me, none of the important stuff is disregarded; it’s just that Scott Lobdell, a writer who probably understands this character better than any other on the planet, enriches it all. I mean, did you ever think we’d see Ma Gunn again?

Basically, Jason infiltrates Black Mask’s gang, giving us a guided tour of Gotham’s underworld that’s a little more intimate than what we’ve seen in other Bat Family titles within the past year. In addition to Dexter Soy being the perfect architect, it’s rare that we get such a probing look at the city through the eyes of someone who isn’t Batman.

Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1: Dark Trinity is now available in comic shops and bookstores everywhere.