Rob Liefeld Teases New Costumes For Deadpool


Ever since his introduction in 1991’s New Mutants #98, Deadpool hasn’t changed all that much in a visual sense. Like any comic book character, he’s naturally undergone alterations in the years since leaving the hands of his creator, Rob Liefeld, but odds are that we’re all going to picture something similar in our minds whenever Wade Wilson is mentioned.

That said, it may or may not surprise you to learn that Liefeld’s reclaiming of the reins also comes with a few new additions to the enduring mythos. I mean, it’s hard to tell if the industry legend is reinventing the wheel, but it’s obvious he’s having a lot of fun while crafting his next tale.

Seen below is a recent post from Rob’s Instagram page showing some new designs for the Merc with a Mouth – at least from the neck and up. From the look of it, the colored samples tease armored getup, though we can’t say for certain.

Make no mistake, whatever’s being cooked up is coming soon because, well, the following caption said as much:

“Let’s just call this….coming soon?”

As for the other penciled designs, those vaguely remind me of Deathstroke, a DC character that actually served as inspiration for D. Piddy himself. Funny enough, Liefeld worked on that anti-hero for a time during the days of the New 52.

Currently, it remains unknown which project these conceptuals are for, though it’s fair to assume that Deadpool: Badder Blood is where one or both will debut. If not, there’s also that massive X-Men crossover which Liefeld is helming, so we must keep that in the back of our minds, too. Either way, 2019 will be a good year for True Believers.