Rothic Comics Transcend Reality With DiVinica

Admittedly, I and probably the majority of comic book readers today have a bit of a superhero lean when it comes to which titles we enjoy on a regular basis, but it’s important to note that there’s so much more out there – just as there is with any other medium. Having said that, Rothic Comics‘ recently introduced DiVinica series comes as a breath of fresh air.

In short, this new anthology of sorts finds a new way of examining various goddesses known to us from a variety of different folklore and cultural mythologies. Brought to us by the creative team of writer J.P. Roth and artist Dawn McTeigue – with a few other notable contributors such as E.Bas – the opening issue is proof positive that these folks go together like peanut butter and jelly.

As for the first book itself, it’s obviously about Aphrodite, serving as a bit of an origin story. Not only that, but I saw it as a veiled reminder that despite no matter what hardships we endure, it’s never too late for a new beginning. Or at least, that was my personal takeaway from it.

During my reading experience, I couldn’t help but notice how Roth and McTeigue blurred the lines between novella and comic book, employing both dialogue balloons and a prose style throughout. For those of you with more mainstream tastes, I’ll ask you to recall All-Star Batman #6, which I found to be that particular series’ crowning achievement, if you’re looking for something somewhat comparable.

Having tackled Greek mythology with the first issue of DiVinica – and Native American in the second – one can’t help but look forward to which other rich cultures will see the Rothic stamp applied to them in the future. It’d be exciting to see what they could do with what Norse, Japanese or Chinese tradition have to offer, but it’s ultimately in their hands.