Secret Empire #1 Trailer And Preview Images Surface


Although we gave you a look inside the special zero issue not long ago, many of you probably wondered when you’d get the same treatment for Secret Empire #1. Well, that day is today, as we can now present more information pertaining to what will undoubtedly be Marvel’s biggest crossover event for the year 2017.

Our first treat to offer is that of the trailer the publisher itself has put together in order to help spread the word. In it, series writer Nick Spencer and Tom Brevoort, SVP of Publishing, hype the event. Among the many interesting things to be found here are the former divulging that this grandiose tale was actually part of his first pitch for Captain America: Sam Wilson. Although the House of Ideas has certainly been no stranger to event books in the past decade or so, it’s quite refreshing to hear that they were able to commit so much to the vision of a single writer – especially one who isn’t Brian Michael Bendis.

Aside from that, we’re teased with how the heroes occupying the Marvel Universe are in for a big shock once they find out Steve Rogers is, in fact, heading up Hydra in what may be the most devastating turn of a boy scout since Hulk Hogan dropped an atomic leg on “Macho Man” Randy Savage back in 1996, thereby forming the New World Order. It’s quite obvious that nobody will take kindly to the news, but the ramifications left after the story concludes may be the most interesting of all.

In addition to that cool little video, a rather generous preview gallery has been made available. Included are the final versions of each cover you’ll be able to choose from and, get this, lettered interior images. As you may be aware, that’s not something you often receive with more than a week until release, so drink it in.

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait too long to consume the rest of the issue, as Secret Empire #1 arrives in comic shops on May 3.