Stan Lee’s Final Graphic Novel ‘Alliances: Orphans’ Debuts Today

stan lee

Alliances: Orphans, the final Stan Lee Graphic novel, which was co-written by Luke Lieberman and Ryan Silbert, will be featured today at a San Diego Comic-Con “Special Edition” panel at 5:30 PST.

Orphans is the third instalment of the Lee-created Alliances Universe, published by independent comics imprint, Dynamite. The graphic novel is thought to further expand upon the characters introduced in Lee’s 2019 novel, A Trick of Light as well as the second book, Alliances: A New Reality.

The Alliances Universe is a wholly original science fiction universe derived by Lee. So far, readers have been introduced to Nia, who has gained the power to see new realities, and “biohacker” Olivia Park, who becomes lost in time due to alien technologies. It is surmised that Orphans may bring these two characters together.

While Lee has tragically passed on Lieberman and Silber will continue writing the new franchise. Leiberman, a former entertainment attorney, is himself a longtime mentee of Lee’s. He is also the current editor of the Red Sonja comic series also published by Dynamite. Co-creator Silbert is best known for his film production work on movies such as God of Love and Holy Rollers.

Both Lieberman and Silber will be on hand to discuss the book, as well as legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz who created the cover art and illustrated the first chapter. According to, fans can count on the writers to reveal “dozens of new characters and a galaxy-spanning story”.

Dynamite is best known for the Amazon Prime adapted “The Boys”. They have published several licensed properties as well, including The Bionic Woman, John Carter: Warlord of Mars, and A Game of Thrones. It purchased the rights to The Boys after the series was cancelled by DCs Wildstorm imprint. It has been publishing since 2004.