Star Studded Cast Revealed For Ousama Ranking Anime Adaptation

Ousama Ranking (known as King Ranking in the west) has been an immensely popular web manga across the world. It came as no surprise when an anime adaptation for this story of a deaf and powerless prince but no one expected it to have such an impressive voice cast.

The crew behind the show revealed its first key visual alongside a promotional video for the series alongside the cast. J-pop band King GNU (known for their work on Banana Fish) will also be performing the opening song “BOY” which is featured in the video.

The cast of the show so far is as follows:

  • Boss: Kenta Miyake (All Might in Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Shiina: Takako Honda (Uryuu Ishida in Bleach)
  • Magic Mirror: Maaya Sakamoto (Ciel Phantomhive in Black Butler)
  • Death-Har: Yoshimitsu Shimoyama (Halfdan in Vinland Saga)
  • Death-Par: Takahiro Sakurai (Cutthroat in Akudama Drive)

The show is set to be directed by Yousuke Hatta, music will be composed by MAYUKO, and Taku Kishimoto of Fruits Basket and Yuukoku no Moriarty fame will handle series composition,

Ousama Ranking will premiere this October on Fuji TV’s noitaminA programming block.