New Star Wars Comic Sees Darth Vader Visiting Padmé Tomb

Darth Vader

During the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, the Jedi rules forbidding romantic relationships felt overly strict. To be fair to the Jedi Council, though, Anakin Skywalker’s secret relationship with Padmé Amidala was fairly disastrous for the galaxy as a whole. Still, while Padmé was alive, she tried to be a moral compass for Anakin and might have saved him if Darth Sidious hadn’t got his Sith hooks into the confused Jedi Knight.

New comic Star Wars #5 has now taken Vader back to Naboo and the tomb of his lost love, where he hopes to discover evidence of how she died. The storyline is set after The Empire Strikes Backshowing the character in a reflective mood after revealing to Luke that he was his father and laying the ground for his turn towards the light in Return of the Jedi.

In the previous issue, we saw Padmé’s surviving handmaidens Sabé, Rabé, Eirtaé, Saché and Dormé attempt to defend the tomb from Vader, not knowing that he was once Anakin. Now, however, he’s gained access and we see him staring at Padmé’s casket, remembering the happy and painful memories he has with her. It’s a touching scene, only somewhat spoiled by a cheesy droid sidekick blathering on in the corner of the frame.

A clue that something is changing in Vader’s ruthless behavior comes at the end of the preview, as Sabé sees the data from the medical implant and leaves, planning to alert her comrades to his plans. A trooper aims at her, but Vader yanks the blaster rifle out of his hands with the Force, telling Sabé that he wants to meet with those on Naboo that still support their former Queen.

This new diplomatic side of Vader seems like a surprise to everyone present, so I can’t wait to see what he says when he meets them all. I doubt he’s going to come clean that he was once Anakin Skywalker, but I suspect some interesting questions will be asked.

Darth Vader #5 hits shelves on September 16th.