Star Wars To Reveal Luke Skywalker’s Secret Destiny In New Comic

Return of the Jedi

In Marvel’s new Star Wars comic series, we’re learning more about Luke Skywalker and how he forged the legend of the Last Jedi.

Disney’s Sequel Trilogy didn’t do much for Luke in terms of plot and screentime, but that doesn’t mean his story has come to an end. Through other mediums, the Mouse House has been able to explore many of the legacy characters’ backstories and define them all over again. Namely, the new line of Star Wars comics by Marvel is delving ever deeper into Luke’s journey from a farmer boy to the savior of the galaxy.

As we saw in the fourth issue, Luke, Leia and Lando traveled back to Cloud City, each with their own objectives. Luke was trying to find his lost lightsaber, but upon seeing several Force visions, he forsook the endeavor and rushed to his friends’ rescue. While Darth Vader, Yoda, Obi-Wan and even Emperor Palpatine appearing in these visions was strange in and of itself, what capped it off was a mysterious individual who held Luke’s lightsaber, calling to him by saying: “Follow your destiny.”

Ultimately, Luke managed to save Leia and Lando from trouble and finish the mission they set upon, but he didn’t stick around to celebrate. Instead, the young Jedi Padawan decided to look for the woman he saw in her visions, setting off with Artoo and asking the droid to look for a planet with a “trinary star system, water world, red landmasses.”

We don’t know where Luke will end up by the time this quest is over, but the search for the woman who holds his lightsaber might answer many of our questions about the weapon’s trajectory over the years and Luke’s connection with the Force. Besides, what revelations could this hold regarding the Jedi Master’s destiny, especially now that we know how his story ended?

I guess we’ll have at least some of our answers when the next issue of Star Wars arrives on April 22nd.