Star Wars Reveals Darth Vader Was Trying To Uncover Palpatine’s Secrets


The latest issue of Marvel’s Darth Vader comic series sets the sinister dark lord on a path to uncover Palpatine’s most treasured secrets, though could it be that this was the Emperor’s plan all along?

As you may know, the new Star Wars narrative takes place after the events of The Empire Strikes Back and depicts Vader on a quest to learn more about his past life as Anakin Skywalker. This mission ultimately leads him to reconnect with the protagonistic figure we’d come to know and love in the days of the Clone Wars, if only barely, until Palpatine summons his apprentice and cripples the resurging Chosen One once again.

The Emperor incapacitates the obedient servant through his superior power, taking him to the slopes of Mustafar and leaving him there to die. He also prohibits Vader from tapping into the Force, thus making his endeavor to survive all the more difficult. As if that wasn’t already enough of a punishment for swaying from the dark side, the big bad then sends his best assassin, Ochi of Bestoon, to hunt the apprentice down.

Vader manages to survive with discarded droid parts, though, and makes his way to a mysterious creature called the Eye of Webbish Bog. The spider-like seer grants him with a Sith Wayfinder, marking the Emperor’s hidden fortress of Exegol in the Unknown Regions.

Now, the fallen hero of the Republic seems adamant to learn more about his master’s evil plans. Of course, we’ve yet to discover where this new path will take Vader, though the events should tie directly into Return of the Jedi. Maybe he’s out for vengeance against Palpatine, especially after learning the truth about Padme Amidala’s death? Then again, this could also be another one of the big bad’s plots to turn him back.

Whatever he finds at the end of this journey, even in terms of some sort of reconciliation with Palpatine, it’s safe to say that writer Greg Pak has been building towards Anakin’s inevitable redemption in his new Star Wars series, so it’ll be interesting to see how the legendary Sith Lord will bow out when the final issue arrives on February 10th.

Source: ScreenRant