Steve Rogers Is Captain America No More In Marvel Comics


It could certainly been argued that the past fifteen or so years of Captain America comics have been the most complicated time for Steve Rogers in the character’s entire history. I mean, he’s been “dead,” he aged up for a bit, a doppelganger of his aligned with Hydra, and he was succeeded as Captain America by Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson at different points. On the plus side, this stuff has made for great reading more often than not.

Well, get ready for another shift in status quo, because Steve has hung up his cowl yet again in the pages of Marvel Comics. In the recently published Captain America #12 written by Ta-Nehisi Coates and illustrated by Adam Kubert and Matt Milla, our hero finds himself as the most wanted man in the United States.

Basically, someone posing as the Sentinel of Liberty has framed him for various crimes, thereby forcing Steve to dust off his Super Solider suit and energy shield. Seen in the gallery below, these threads should be familiar to even those of you who don’t read comics, as they closely resemble the costume worn by Chris Evans in The Winter Solider movie.

By now, you’d think the general public and law enforcement would know better than to doubt Captain America, but I suppose the events of Secret Empire are still fresh in their memories. After that, I could understand why anyone living on Earth-616 would become jaded to some degree.

Aiding the patriot are the “Daughters of Liberty,” a secret group comprised of ten women from around the Marvel Universe. And if that weren’t enough, a younger looking Peggy Carter is along for the ride as well. Sporting a nose ring and bearing a passing resemblance to actress Hayley Atwell, she’s somehow younger than niece Sharon. I guess we’ll have to wait and find out how this all came to be, as I’m sure the creative team have more than a few surprises in store.

Captain America #12 is now available in comic shops.